November 20th, 2002

Lancea Sanctum

cool...colliding black holes..and neither in my head...

Merger could warp universe

TWO black holes drifting towards each other will merge in millions of years with a burst of gravitational waves that could warp the very fabric of space.

Scientists said yesterday the Chandra X-ray Observatory has found the first evidence that two immense black holes can co-exist in the same galaxy and that they are moving towards each other for an eventual merger.

The double black holes were found in a bright, highly active galaxy known as NGC6240, about 400 million light years from the Earth.

Astronomers studied NGC6240 because it produced unexplained bursts of X-rays that
appeared to come from one of two nuclei at the galactic centre. Images collected by radio, infra-red and optical observations showed two bright spots, but did not pinpoint the origin of the X-rays.

When Chandra, with its sensitive X-ray detectors, focused on the nuclei, astronomers were surprised to find that both black holes were active.

Stefanie Komossa, of the Max Planck Institute in Germany, said the find "supports the idea that black holes can grow to enormous masses in the centres of galaxies by merging with other black holes".

The black holes are about 3000 light years apart and are expected to merge in the next few hundred million years, the researchers said.

The consequent gravitational ripples could cause minute changes in the distance between any two points in the universe.
Lancea Sanctum

Buh bye Firemen Dudes....

Damon and what's his face are gone gone gone!!!

I think John Vito and Jill are going to win Amazing Race 3.... especially with that 9/11 thing going between the both of them. If I remember correctly, she was supposed to have applied with her brother the last time or the time before but then he died in the attacks so she started dating her bro's best friend and they applied and got in....

I hope they win even though I hate stuff like that like "Oh they have this 9/11 tragic connection, they HAVE to win!!" It's almost like the anniversary, the "OMG, it's the anniversary...we can't handle it....we still can't get over the hundreds of people that died a year ago!!" (Get over it!! It happened, they all DIED ALREADY for crying out loud get over it...I can't wait until 9/11/03 to see if everyone would make a big hoopla over it all over again)

Oh and another thing... this "John Vito and Jill" thing... it reminds me of this scifi story I checked out years ago about time travel that was written in such a style that to me it seemed like the hero of the story had the only right to have both a first name and last name but his female counterpart had no such right to a last name... as in "John Smith and Jane"...I was left asking what the lady's last name was because she was referred only by first name throught the whole damn book....

I'm wondering why Jill on Amazing Race 3 doesn't have her last name revealed? I mean if Vito is John's last name, then why don't they have Jill's last name up?

errrrgh sexist bastards!!