April 2nd, 2003

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short snippet rough draft of multistory Battletech fanfic

To those that are new LJ friends, a few years ago when I heard that the publisher of my favorite RPG was going out of business, and sold a lot of their properties to WizKids LLC (and the roleplaying versions to a German company called FanPro...though FanPro had to get permission to do an RPG part and in BattleTech's case, FanPro had to, at present, stick to the years between the end of the FASA line and the WizKid's version), I was quite shocked and heartbroken.

Then I started to think while I was panicking thinking "OMG I have to go and buy up a ton of materials that I haven't bought yet since there won't be any more sourcebooks printed or miniatures produced..." that since the novels would end after this civil war between two factions, that it would be ideal to write a multi-novella fan fiction about this mercenary unit I made up and how it took the opportunity to fulfill the real purpose it was created for a few hundred years previous.

Suffice it to say that as the WizKids version of the game (MechWarrior Dark Age) developed as pertains to backstory and as I am reading the last few FASA BT novels, that my story isn't going through the field day that I thought I would have, especially with all the problems I'm having lately....so far I've read through two novels that I haven't even written notes down on pertaining on which units in the two faction civil war are where and doing what. I'd have to go back through and note them so I won't counter anything established. Then there's that backstory to MWDA which concerns that the new Star League collapsed and shortly after, the ComStar splinter group, Word of Blake, staged a Ji'had and took over a great slice of the Inner Sphere and this prisoner in one of the camps rose up and united everyone and overthrew the WoB and recreated the Inner Sphere to where the old factions aren't there anymore, and the Inner Sphere is split into 12 provinces (where citizens of the old states are mixed up all over) and united as the Republic of the Sphere. So now I have in the second novellette, an idea to where the one side of my unit, led by this guy that once was a hero years ago slowly turned insane, makes a deal with the Word of Blake not to destroy the State that they took refuge in and also an alliance to administer at least half of their combined conquered territory in the name of the WoB.

I'd also have to change the original beginning to say in the prologue that the unit's ultimate plan, ironically thought up in the late 1990's, was to take a few years longer than the 1100 years originally planned.

Anyway here's the snippet from "Lights and Shadows: Echoes of Amaris Pt 3"
Aurora Emrin strode through the bustling plaza of Emerald Square, in the center of the large downtown marketplace of Iron Klaw City, capital of Dark Earth, capital world of the KRML Imperium. Deep in thought over the grand snafu of her division's involvement in the three way conflict between the Free Rashalhague Republic, Clan Nova Cat and Clan Steel Viper, she thought of days much simpler and much less confusing.

These days, Aurora started having questions of loyalty. She did sympathise with the ideals and purpose of the KRML...even went through the surgical alterations when she joined to make her more like them: reversed genetic therapy, neo-lobotomy, DNA manipulation to slightly affect her speech and to give her a cleft pallate and then fitted with augmentation devises to compensate...as if her robotic replacement for her arm wasn't enough. All for proving that men disabled since birth and only those women mildly disabled from birth (and to a much lesser extent, those that were made that way) were superior to the other half of humanity and that the former half has a right to be on the ruling end of humanity...with the latter half under the foot treads.

However, there were always the other camp, the ones that believe that most "able bodied and able minded" men ought to be exterminated because they had the predisposition for cruelty and malice, that humanity wouldn't be pure and fair until that happened. Aurora cringed as she thought of that faction.

"The more things change...the more things stay the same," she thought.

Looking up she saw the Emerald Beacon, one of the greatest monuments in the city. On it was a holographic mural of all the important historical events of the KRML since the murky, unknown past before the unofficial founding and the Dark Era after its founding. She started in May 11, 1973 with the birth of the Great One that started it all. Then progressing past 28 years worth of pictures, she stopped.

Her fingers rose to her eyes to wipe away the tears that welled in her eyes every time she found this part of the mural, the digital readout in the corner of this part of the hologram read: "11 September, AD2001." A caricature of the Great One, rendered in a dark sombrero and poncho, head held down in sadness, walking away from the collapsing ruins of the WTC, violently gesturing toward a shadowy woman symbolizing love and romance while walking away forever from a younger woman and an older one. The story was immortalized in The Historie...he had become very close friends with someone named Lieske van der Meer who found his entry in a pen pal ad on a fan site of one of his very favorite shows "Star Trek: Voyager" and eventually he fell in love with her. Then when he talked with her mom a few times, he became confused because he was starting to love her too and eventually after talking mostly over the phone to Lieske (the first one was a mutual birthday present) the relationship turned sour and when the Grand Dark Day struck, the Great One discovered that Lieske's mom was engaged. Worse than that, the relationship went so bad that neither one wanted anything to do with him. The shock of this and of the deaths of several hundreds of people had changed the Great One's purpose in live at that moment in time and changed the course of history.

The Grand Dark Day eventually caused what was now called the "Wars of Chaos".... holograms of the War on Terrorism, Bin Lauden, the Iraq Conflict featuring a giant GW Bush (made out in vampire garb as the eternal "money vampire") and Saddam Hussein (complete with horns and a Satanic counternance) shaking hands over a battlefield where US forces shoot Iraqi forces who in turn shoot citizens and then "pants" POWs and shoot them in the head."

Going back to the Grand Dark Day...Aurora started to remember what she had learned all those years ago in reading The Historie and a few other documents after joining the KRML...something didn't seem right...something was missing..... The Great One couldn't go back to the way he was after such a shock. What Al Qaeda did doesn't seem to match up to his continued wish since 1997 to have his decendants and their allies commit genocide.

"Yes, some things are definately the same," she muttered grimly as strode off toward the capital buildings.
Lancea Sanctum

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On this Frasier repeat, Niles has this parrot and Martin was saying how parrots just imitate words and just coincidentally string them into sentences and said "Cute but stupid" and the parrot repeated him...

That just reminded me of my second RL ex-gf!! LOL Angela Bradshaw....cute but stupid! (but then most Downes chicks are)