April 11th, 2003

Lancea Sanctum

I think someone tried to hack me...

not my computer exactly but my citizen account on the Nova Roma website. I got the standard email sent out when there was a password request this afternoon and I don't remember requesting it or wanting to change it.

I am not even sure if it's someone outside or my paterfamilias trying to log in as me (if there's any reason to do so but then that would be very un-Roman) to get more participation in the recent runoff votes.
Lancea Sanctum

the password mail...

I read some posts on the Nova Roma mailing lists that apparently there's been someone that was bored or something and went through the entire Album Gentium and on the log in prompt of each profile in every gens, they clicked on the link to send password request for the sole purpose of spamming all of us...

Someone must really be bored to spam us like this.
Lancea Sanctum


I missed it!

From: "A. Hirtius Helveticus"
Subject: Re: I got it too

Salve Lucie Portice

(snipped portion of my email)

The problem is, that the election ended several days ago and unfortunately, the link on the NR-Mainpage has not been removed yet.

I suggest, that your code was working, but with no election going on, you could of course not cast your vote.

But as a *stressed* rogator myself, I really hope that you and many other citizens will vote in the next runoff.

Vale bene,

A. Hirtius Helveticus
"Res Romana Dei est, terrenis non eget armis."
(Corippus, In laudem Iustini 3, 328)