April 20th, 2003

Lancea Sanctum

I found a MB community! *hyperventilates*

marmalade_boy</a> Now if the US would EVER get over its post-9/11 phobia and denial of anything that even briefly shows the damned Twin Towers in it...I at least would be very happy to get a copy of this great series.

I'm surprised they even still allowed the second LOTR movie...I mean DUH!!! "Two Towers" indeed...but this nation still refuses to acknowlege in our movies or import movies of any type that has referrences or show the WTC no matter how vague.
Lancea Sanctum

Hey Kimberz...

I'm surprised you're not in that community yet...it even has your icon in the info...and the community icon is the same pic I use for wallpaper!