April 26th, 2003

Lancea Sanctum

While taping...

watched part of .hack//sign while mom was in the shower. Had a private laugh while singing to myself about my nephew o/~ Alex and Mimiru sitting in a tree, KAY EYE ESS ESS EYE EN GEE!!! o/~

Now for some fodder for your own cannons, I tend to have the hots for Chris McKensie on Gundam 0080, Kizuna from Pilot Candidate (aka The Candidates for Goddess), Melfina from Outlaw Star and now even Kaoru from RK.
Lancea Sanctum


I just replied to this post in the Anime community where this person needed someone to play Zechs in a Gundam Wing RPG....

"I didn't know you could advertise for Zechs in this community...are you that needy for Zechs?? Hey me too!! I need some Zechs too...ummm nevermind, forget I said that! :P"
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