May 14th, 2003

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Mom went to look at the other options given to us by Julie... She went into Tulsa to look at the Assisted Living place and they said that my "scores" were too high and my disability is so rare it's not on "thier list" a way that's good because if I am unsuitable for assisted living, then I'm sure I'm not going to get in any group home.

The bad part about it is what would happen when mom dies? How would I go about it? Especially since death doesn't wait for anything, it happens when it happens and what if I'm still in college? What if I don't have a high paying job yet? I might have to drop out of college then and work literally 40 hours a DAY to keep the bills paid... :(
Lancea Sanctum

Crap I hate this!!!

Every freaking week when I do my little "job" in Cybertown I get in practically the middle of doing it and the damned connection DROPS!! So I'm stuck here with my nick in temporary access of 4 out of five blocks in my column because they don't have block leaders and it seesm to take about 20 minutes to get back on a good connection again!!!

I hate this bullcrap!!!!!
Lancea Sanctum

If my computer were flesh and blood and alive...

I'd right now wrap my hands around what passes for its neck and SQUEESE!!!! Then I'd take a big, sharp knife and bare what passes for its throat and slit it so horribly that what passes for its blood sprays all over the room coating everything in it and drips off of it...and then I'd gladly die of poisoning licking and drinking what passes for its blood that's splattered over everything!!!
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