June 1st, 2003

Lancea Sanctum

Aren't I sneaky?

I figured out a way to cheat the crappy connection!!

After the modem detects dialtone and starts dialing, pick up the receiver!!

There, after a half a minute, instant connect and instant good connection though it's at 24000....
Lancea Sanctum

Hey *Z*

What happened to *found*? Gonna update since April??

btw, my brother in law loves fish too, he had a betta in this big jar with a plant but it died.

Don't understand what it is about fishies since ya can't cuddle them or pet them or let them curl up on your chest and nap... but otherwise they are cool....
Lancea Sanctum

Talking to Dawn tonight....

She told me that the news about Julie being fired over one type of money problems (from BFJ it sounded more like embezzeling) was news to her but that she heard that Gatesway got rid of Julie because they were eliminating her position and that BWA got to be head of the department because the guys in charge of Gatesway wanted to put transportation in with the Activities Department...

So in a way they got rid of Transportation Department by putting it in with Activities to eliminate a position and save money.