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August 8th, 2003

I'm not...just to prove a few things including "trust"

my mom and I are having an ongoing deal since last weekend (I think it was or maybe sometime this week) after I did some Windows XP account changes by changing me to administrator (password protected) and her to limited...

Since she learned that I password protected my account, she confronted me and never quit confronting me about it saying that I have something to hide on the computer JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A PASSWORD. :-( Does this sound logical or not?

Also her other arguments is that I didn't need to put myself on administration and lock her out because of XP being more stable and crash resistant more than previous Windows and that XP does have DOS but it's so deep in the system that there's no way to crash the computer. Also she said that she has learned a lot more since the one time she crashed the 486 we used to have by accidentally typing "del *.*" to change directories instead of the "cd" command and the time when we had at home tech support on the phone for the Compaq and she went ahead with their "diagnostic" by pressing F1 for Safe Mode and crashed the computer.... and the one time when she rushed through closing out Juno and rebooting the computer to fix this bug in the ISP dialer and she went so fast she didn't give it enough time to save my mail correctly and I lost mail since the last backup....

So essentially what I'm asking is 1) is there ANY WAY that it is POSSIBLE that a Windows XP loaded computer could be crashed by anyone accidentally doing anything, like the examples about? and 2) Is having a password protected account on a computer mean that I have something to hide...or for example when I have a blog and I made some entries "friends only" and I come in when I realize that I'm permanently logged in on "the other side" and I go and log out and fix it?

Oh and she's also bullying me with "You want me to help pay for this computer?" and also variations of "...you got to do your part in helping keep things straight around here..." hmmm how did she put it? because she put that last thing in a way that is also .... Oh!! It was part of all of this "This is MY HOUSE and I think you're being secretive and having something to hide..." and saying that if I want to pull this stuff like setting up the computer to where my account is password protected, then I ought to get my own place.

As you might remember, 1) I am on pretty tight income, 2) have no car and limited transportation, 3) I am a college student.... at least those three... I can't afford to "get my own place." Can you help prove that my mom is quite unreasonable? Soon after she noticed my password protected adminstrative XP account, she went into her account and password protected hers!!

So anyway here's a poll....

Poll #166361 Privacy and Protection and XP, Oh my!!

Do I have the right to privacy and does having a password on my XP account and my Livejournal account (and posting friends only posts) mean that I have "something to hide"?? Please explain....

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