September 5th, 2003

Lancea Sanctum


I guess I'd have to make this journal totally public then...already is anyway since the "Privacy Crisis" but if I ever need to do any batches of security locked posts, I'd have to put up with the new layout...I hate it!

Well here goes going back to the non expiring logout... *snort*
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Lancea Sanctum

Who on here is on Ringo??

I'm just curious who on here besides Angel is on's quite interesting, it's like Anyway there's also a thing on there called dingo or bingo and even though I make derisive comments about this Customer Loyalty Index at work behind the managers' backs and saying "It's pointless, dumb, the store won't shut down or no one would get fired if we get bad CLI or not make the goal for quite a few months" and it's just like (as in "ratings for the sake of ratings for the sake of ratings for the sake of competition")......

Anyway...LOL...even though I think that about CLI...I went ahead and put my senior picture up for dingo or bingo...and I got so far 173 votes and a 2.6 out of 10.

Should I be wearing a hockey mask anyone?

Watch out!! It's Freddy!, Jason!, the Shade!,....Gollumj!! :P
Lancea Sanctum

Is it true....

That shortly after Return of the King is released that the movie theaters are going to start showing the entire trilogy back to back??
Lancea Sanctum

why do women think they are fat?

I mean gees...even the beautiful ones that are clearly attractive inside and out...they thnk they look gross and fat? No way...they are so beautiful. I know a ton of beautiful ladies, my gf one of them....none of them unattractive.

This is ridiculous!!

I applied last semester for the disabled services because I was told I didn't need to see a shrink..that I could go to my doc and have him just do a hand written note on letterhead paper and fax it over with the paperwork and stuff and it was accepted...this semester the dean replied to my go between who happened to have also graduated with me and she sent me an email that leads me to believe that I would need to go see a shrink anyway!!!! Malfing ridiculous!! I have to pay about $6. for my last visit just to make sure he gets it filled out in time instead of putting it at the bottom of a HUGE stack and now it seems I have to go see a damned shrink????
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