January 3rd, 2004

Lancea Sanctum


I keep on losing on Magic the Gathering online because I keep mistiming myself and tapping lands ahead of the apointed time and costing myself points and each time I am so tramatized I mean I keep on doing it and I NEVER LEARN...

I'm such a pathetic stupid loser I can't see why I passed as many college courses as I have...so stupid...I never learn.

Maybe I need to be put out of my misery, what do you think? So much crap going on, and like last year, this year starting out as a suck year too.

Why? Because I suck!


I got a little better since the last post and I even found how to get into the trading room...traded a few cards and then minutes ago I learned that I traded away my only swamp (It's even foil...*hits head for letting the guy walk with it...should have made him get something else*) so I had to go back into trading and had a difficult time getting two swamp cards so I can play my black cards.

This guy started a trade and set up his book to where the only things shown were two swamps and a tournament ticket and so I took them and I was really making sure if he saw anything he wanted in my collection and didn't want to cheat him or anything and he said "No...just take them, it's just the way I am..."
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