June 18th, 2004

Lancea Sanctum

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Texas I don't remember visiting but I was a wee one...it was I think when my grandparents were living down there and my mom went down on vacation...forgot where dad was...and my sis wasn't born yet. OK is where I live now, PA is where I lived my first nine years....and the only place unfortunately in AR I have ever been to is Eureka Springs.

New York state is where I was born, NJ is within some driving distance and where we used to go to shop sometimes...yes we are within driving distance to both state borders and in fact the village of Lackawaxen is a border village across the Delaware R from Barryville, NY. I've also been to Branson, MO....all other states I've rode in the car through and flown over in trips to PA and back. The last time I've been to PA was six years ago to attend my oldest cousin's wedding, I flew in a plane and forgot which airport I switched flights on but it was a customs airport in Ohio...

now without further ado....

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