July 26th, 2004

Lancea Sanctum


bolt action rifle RIF 4*4D6 B 40/115/225/500 5 shts 60/1 C-B 3kg (simple action to work bolt after each shot)

5 microgrenade THW 3*8d6 x STR*1/2/3/4 2 C-B ea 200g indirect; blast
5 minigrenades THW
holster 20 c-b 150g
silencer 25 c-b 100g +4 Perception TN good for only 10 shots
night vision scope 125 c-b 450g -2 TN at M/L/E range no night TN mods

flak suit 150/10 C-B 1/5/1/3 6.3kg torso arms legs
fatigues 30 c-b 500g torso, arms, legs
2 medical kits at 10 c-b each and 250g each
2 medipatches at 10 c-b each and 10g each
4 stimpacks at 2 c-b each and 9g each
basic field kit 100 c-b 5kg
emergency rations 2 c-b 1kg
military communicator 100g 50 c-b per use: 1/hr range 10 km
footwear 17 c-b
jacket 28 c-b
pants 8 c-b
shirt 10 c-b
Base officer 2 week rent (60 week)

147 C-Bills remaining = 323 Yuan, 4 jiao (323.4 L-Bill)

exchange rate = 1 Comstar Bill * 2.2 Yuan
Lancea Sanctum


Babysitting nephew and niece...and when I heard doors close outside about an hour or so ago...I should have jumped up, turned on the TV and punched play on the VCR so we could "clear" some tape of weekened Toonami and crap....

but guess what? (*&&(^&*^*&^&^*&&(*&* Alex beat me and flipped on Cartoon Network and guess what???????????

Now he's starting to do what he's done a while ago...as in at least a year ago.... He starts to watch a show (first it was one of his favorites, "Ed, Edd and Eddie" [don't know what he sees in it, it's not even Anime, it's junk]) and then of course in the middle of the show they show the commercial for what's next....so he'd want to watch that too....

I went and told him that I had Dragonball GT set up and then saw Pokemon come on and asked if he would want to see that first, though...and he said yes...then in the middle of THAT came the commercial saying that Yugioh is next...and now he's wanting to watch Yugioh....

*SIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHH* nevergonnagetthatdamnedtape"cleared"....!!!!!

[edit] I think now that no matter what is shown coming on after YGO, that the minute the credits roll I'm going to yank that remote from whereever it is and press play after making sure every door outside is locked and all the doors to each room is shut therefore making him sit right there and clear the tape b/c this is getting as ridiculous as the last time AGES AGO that this crap happened...of "I wanna watch this next...I wanna watch this next...I wanna watch this next..." irritating little.... doesn't care that I tape these cool shows for him and he would rather pull this crap.

[edit 2] great...just noticed the time...wouldn't it just suck if my sister comes back from the mall at 8 freaking o clock?