October 25th, 2004

Lancea Sanctum

For those curious about the exact definition of "Eeno"

This will be placed in the link list for quick reference for you all and any other people mutually added to my friends list...

You all might have heard me use the term Eeno on myself when I talk about my work and some of what happens to me or what I have to do there...I was going to link directly to the page


I had the most difficult time finding a definition...the Urban Dictionary didn't have it, none of the online dicitonaries had it, I googled all over and after a deep search I found the exact movie (thought it was "Body and Soul" but it was actually "The Enemy Within") and found a script for that movie.

Below is the part of the script that describes the Eeno sub-race/sub-culture of the Tectonese from the movie/TV show/TV movies Alien Nation

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Now I know that it's not that bad for ME and it would never be that bad...but from my experience (and I know it's probably worse fot those worse off than I am) but there's a lot of times when I have been made to do things that no one else wants to do like it always seems that I'M the only one that picks up the trash off the parking lot and out of the trashcans by the door...when I come back to work from the weekend, sometimes there's like a buttload of trash on the parking lot as if there was NOONE that did that job the whole weekend!

Today when I was "doing the lot" I noticed one door trashcan was so full of trash that people had put trash on the ash tray top and I had to make multiple trips to the dumpster to dispose of it all...even if I put it all in my little sack I had to make multiple trips.

I've also been made ("asked") to go and mop up crap or clean a spill or any other stuff at times when someone else would have been able to do it but still, I just had to be the one to do it. There are also times when I'm back in the dishpit, doing dishes and it's clear I'm going over the time that I am supposed to be clocked out while everyone else is out in the dining room or back in the office sitting on their butts doing nothing but eating instead of helping me and then I get turned on to "go faster" and told that they can't afford to have someone help me out all the time.

And they say they APPRECIATE ME???

I'm a $%^^%$$%&%^&^^&%^%-ing Eeno....that's all I am, an Eeno.