November 20th, 2004

Lancea Sanctum

It has begun.....

I've decided as of a few days ago that no matter if I was going to show up at the wedding or not, that this weekend would be the beginning of....

Operation "Crushed Butterfly Returns to Cocoon" (or Operation Cocoon for short) will start tomorrow.

First on agenda is of course the Bible reading....

Then reading "Bondage Breakers" by Neil Anderson

Then splitting time finishing the following books and lines....

"The Great War: Breakthroughs" Turtledove (followed up by the others up to recent, "American Empire: Blood and Iron" "AE: The Center Cannot Hold" and "AE: The Victorious Opposition")

"The Warrior Trilogy Part Three: Warrior: Coupe" by Michael Stackpole

Saga of the Grey Death Legion Part 1, "Decision At Thunder Rift" by William H Keith, Jr

"The Hunters, Twilight of the Clans III" by Thomas S Gressman

"Freebirth, Twilight of the Clans IV" by Robert Thuston

"Binding Force" by Loren L Coleman

the fourth Left Behind book.


(start code)
(activating Operation Cocoon)
(procure survival rations)
(set up home base.....arrange pattern....schedule)
(read, pray, numb self)
(set up homework....ween from 7-10 years of waste)
(ignore all CNTL-C and CNTL-Z type commands)
(return A)
Lancea Sanctum

(no subject)

Has anyone on here with a paid account ever done a phone post? I mean....I imagine there might be a few still on my friends list that have but I don't know whom.

I tried to do a phone post but I have to use my phone card to do any of the numbers, and I do it either way...if I tried doing pound and then entering the PIN and hitting pound, it says "invalid log in"....if I enter my phone number and then enter the PIN, it says "invalid log in."

It's irritating...I have the capability of a phone post but yet I set up my number, I set up my PIN but yet no matter how I do it, I get "invalid log in"
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