December 6th, 2004

Lancea Sanctum

My first Amazon order arrived....

It's also my second anime soundtrack...the one from Ai Yori Aoshi. :D

(the first one...not the Enishi series)

Anyway this evening I'll put the rest of the "ego boost meme" things up and for those that haven't noticed it yet, it's still open.
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Lancea Sanctum

continuing the meme

(btw, mom's being irritating again....had a headache yesterday and today I was trying not to think too much so as not to bring it back though it almost did and I forgot the cash at home to do food handlers' class to renew permit and she got mad when I remembered on the expressway and we had an argument and just now she was mad at me for leaving laundry in the washer for two days and I was like "Well I'll rewash" but no...she needed the I was like "I'll just put them on the floor" but she snapped back saying that they were wet so I said "whatever" and she said "don't whatever me..."

I swear that one of these days I'm going to "pull a Rachelle"!!! And I'll not get caught!!!!) edit Yeah I know that putting that statement in here would be evidence but....hehehehe...I could always remove it later ;)

yellow_woods: It might or might not be a surprise to you that I think you're cool. We share a heritage however you have way more drops of that heritage than I do and our tribes are different. I think it's cool you like cycles, I do too and I used to want a jet black Harley badly! :P You are smooth in a different way than I am and the ladies do like ya. haha

virgin_raye: Well Raye...we haven't talked much and I would try to change that, and when I do I hope that you're not as easy to irritate as your sister is (pweeze don't let her hurt me!!! *scared*). You seem from what comments we have traded and post I have read of you that you are very sweet, kind, loving, and a very wonderful lady and person. You are a great friend and good to your family especially to your sister. Now we need to work on your self esteem! I'm sure you're not ugly! If you have Baron dating you then you're not ugly....if you're Wendi's twin then you're not ugly....and I've seen those pics with you and Baron in them where you show everything except your face! With long hair like that you're definately not ugly!!

(*whispers* so stop it will ya??? :P)

*********** I know it's not very fair but I'm skipping one that posted screened because frankly....there's been some...ummm...stuff in the past as in this past year, that she pulled with me, her and her sister both, she claims to have changed and that everything's under the bridge so to speak...but something's starting to nag at me and sooo....I don't think I'll do this with her*********

_sacreliebe: You are very interesting and have the right mixture of intelligence, wit, humor and good looks. of the right mixtures. :P Anyway whenever we do chat, I remember us having good ones. :)