January 4th, 2005

Lancea Sanctum

LOL a tribute to how soap operas are!!!

You know how like....on a soap....whatever the big storylines are....when the show cuts to them, there's always something that is repeated...or when the scene is fresh how certain phrases are ALWAYS repeated as if the writers think the viewers are so stupid they can't remember outside of that particular hour what is going on?


LOL i love it...

I also love how someone asks questions about 9 times before they get an answer...it must be asked again whenever we come back to that scenario

Ivy: Well Whitney, is Fox the father of your baby? Or is it Chad, your half brother?

Whitney: *blank stare*

--cut to luis and sheridan drooling--

Ivy: Whitney, aren't you going to tell us who is the father of your baby? Fox, or your illegitamate half-brother, chad?

Whitney: *nervous shifty eyes, rubs belly*

--tampon commercial--

Ivy: Whitney...are you carrying Fox's baby, or your half brother concieved with my ex-husband's son Chad? Whose is it?

Whitney: bites lip

--Cut to Theresa laughing menacingly as she rubs her pregnant belly--

Ivy: So, Whitney, who is your baby's daddy? My wealthy son Fox, who will provide everything your baby needs, or your half brother...?

Whitney: *glances at eve*

I could go on for days...


Renee B. at least, would know which soap the above pasted comment is from.