May 5th, 2005

Lancea Sanctum


I'm better today... just wanted everyone to know. Howver had some depression today. It's nothing really. Sold back the textbooks but mom had the idea to use some amount to supplement grocieries so I would have to try and see about using about half of it to put in the checking to help myself out.

To the few that know who Larissa is. It was too bad I was sick last weekend or else I would have had a chance to go out and get a new battery for my camera to see if a low battery was the problem and if so, get a disposable but she said she'd send some...I tried to get her to agree for me to take one of her wearing the zebra blouse she had on but she was like "no no no I look tired!" :P She had to go back home overseas though. I even tried to bribe her to let me take a picture with her cell phone but no go.

our classmate Naomi was/is very nice to me too. She told me not to forget her and I was like "Why would I ever forget you?" I think the problem is, her forgetting me. No problem, I am easily forgettable.
Lancea Sanctum

Oh! I've got more news too...

My mom is into another of her cleaning spells now and now thanks to that damned show on Home and Garden cable channel, she was like "We can put everything in 'keep' and 'throw away'." or some crap....anyway I started last night and of course now she's irritating me to no end!

One of these days it's gonna be one of us...and it WON'T be me! Especially when I'm sure that I'll draw a line in the sand and say "If you want it this way, you're going to have to LITERALLY KILL ME FIRST!"

Even if the stubborn, stupid, senile woman would deny it, I personally fear that she would not be satisfied until EVERYTHING is cleared out of my bedroom if not the house except for furniture and her things!

Last night when I started, one point she opens the door and asks if I've been cleaning up and throwing away but in the tone of voice that doesn't believe that I've not been just moving stuff fact she not only had a certain tone of voice but she also worded it like that...."Are you picking up and throwing away or just moving stuff around?"

I told her most of it was books...and then she started talking about taking all the books that I have already read and selling them to the used bookstore or something.

I got one response to that HELL NO!!!!!!!

Back when she was starting up again on this cleaning piles s**t she was remarking about how there's piles of books and magazines in my room and on my desks and even invading into the computer room and stuff and I made some defense about the Shonen Jumps and Newtypes that I've been collecting and I gave her good reason why.

Now think with me....

If I go ahead and insanely agree to get rid of the books that I've already read...then what would happen the NEXT time that my mom gets a wild hair up her stupid backside and wants another cleaning spree???


I don't care who the malf my mom is....I don't care whose house this is.....the only way she'll put one malfing fingerprint of hers on ANY of my books in order to sell to clear out room is....


and I'll make damn sure that THAT would be arranged...if she wants to be THAT HAPPY, she's going to have to "oblige me."

Yet another reason for me NOT to move to Branson with her! I'm either gonna stay here or somehow move in the opposite direction to live in misfortunedfool's area.

My mom's a malfing flea and she ought to be grateful I am not the type to administer any....measures. She makes me want to hork sometimes!