June 8th, 2005

Lancea Sanctum

I can't believe this....

Okay the guy from Cox came to finish completing the pack we got...to change over our phone to Cox. Oh joy!!!!! He said he had to change out the cable modem that we got the other week for some reason I can't explain but I imagine there's got to be someone on my list that has an idea why. So Mr know it all tech was working like he knew what he was doing and we didn't pay any attention to see if he checked to see if the Dell (new computer) could access the internet after getting everything up.

All the both of us were concentrating on was if the old computer (the Compaq) could get on the broadband internet through the network router...we checked and it could with the new modem.

So a few minutes ago I thought of retiring a few LJ icons (TBA later when I CAN DO IT) and use the add on in Firefox to make new icons...so I thought to hop on the Dell for a quick minute to log on LJ and go to my icons and save them to CD-RW....


I bring up Firefox, it won't pull up the start page, nothing...and the computer pulled up a dialup dialer for AT&T...Netscape won't connect....MSIE is doing the same thing....on my mom's side of the Dell when MSIE is brought up it says it's "working offline" so when we uncheck that in File menu, it pulls up the dialer but when we click the dialer closed it goes back.

Mom's already talking to Cox...she already has expressed her displeasure, I've mentioned before she said she'd prefer the Dell b/c of the flatscreen and the lack of glare (no glass and stuff) and that the screeen is low enough to look at through her trifocals.
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