June 13th, 2005

Clan Blood Spirit

subject: here's the thing...going to be quick....

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Anyway that's all of it and we're going with Valor...hopefully we would be taking off the damned combo blocker too.

Haha another reason what I hate that too...while I was taking a break thinking whether or not I forgot something, I was on Christianster.com in the sharing section and the Parental Control blocked a sharing.... ...ON CHRISTIANSTER!!!

Here's the title of it. "think think think...73 one liner. definitely at leat 1 will hit you hard :)"

I think it was either the way it was typed, or the sentense structure, or the word "hard." This is so stupid and why I hate having Parental Controls...I mean gosh just because mom doesn't want us to "fall into temptation" and go looking for porn. I knew it would go bonkers and crap. I imagine that if I went to wikipedia.com and searched for "anatomy" or something I'd set it off.
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