July 16th, 2005

Clan Jade Falcon


That does it...where can I find the area on here that I could log into to upload pics...I know there's some kinda storage area on here for pictures.
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Clan Blood Spirit

Pictures!!!! From WEBCAM.....

I may not have a digital camera but I now have a webcam and the software that comes with it can take pictures.

Sorry for the tilt-ness...just a common problem I always have especially since there's not really a viewfinder...but then I have no excuse since I could watch the window and see how I'm centering stuff.

I'm not really good at cameras anyway I always get my subject off center.


This is the computer that we used exclusively until recently when we got the networking in. The new one with XP and the CD burner/DVD burner and player

Ginta Ginta

and here's Ginta in the desk we've always used for it ever since buying it about 6-7 years ago. The one with the AMD K-6/2 processor which is I guess like a Pentium....II is it? Had fun and heartache with it and now currently, unless I keep on top of defrag/scandisk, I could really tell the difference between both computers, otherwise I could barely notice other than obviously the RAM memory and disk size and OSystems....

...and the fact that it was new at a time before CD burners came out much less DVD players...I think TV cards were just coming out. It's now on what??? Its THIRD CD-ROM drive? That's because after the last crash, the damned thing started "forgetting" the driver for it and uncle I guess had trouble trying to get the driver back so he had spare CD-ROMs around so he just swaps them out.


Here I am!