July 27th, 2005

Pain and Loathing in the Workplace

this was supposed to be titled "THIS....IS....IT!!!!" but....

*warning....could be construed as offensive to some....**

okay before I type further, I have to say I'm calmer now and that you might see some typos even though I still have great judgement when I'm plastered...so when you see any typos that means I stopped caring that they are there and reallly want it over with like right now when I have one too many l's in really.....

for a few weeks I have had in the back of my mind the memory of hearing on the radio some sort of religious crusade thing led by Billy Graham I think...and that where I live has Rhema Bible College. So whenever anything big like that damned crusade or Kennith Hagin Sr's funeral or whatever happens, then my work get the SHAP HAPPEN because we happen to be on 71st malfing street!!!! Who else happens to be on malfing 71st street in the Tulsa area?????? RHEMA MALFING BIBLE COLLEGE!!!!

Guess what THAT means???????????

When damned Billy Graham malfing Bible Crusade is in town?????

Gotcha!!!!!! Mazzio's restaurant designation #B3 get the SHAP HAPPENING!!!

and now I dredge uip all the stupid little platitudes that mom always brings up to help me think positive even though it NEVER WORKS...becaus I KNOW BETTER@!!!!!!!

"At least you'll get more money since there's more people eating lunch"...."At least you'll be getting more money since you'll be working longer"...."At least you'll get more meony since the company is making more money because that many more people are eating at your place instead of somewhere else..."...."At least since there are more people ating there, then you'd still have a job since Mazzio's would be out of business otherwise..."


Stupid malfing Rhemanites stupid malfing crusade stupid malfing Billy Graham!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to some of you that might like even remotely the man but unless that man...regardless of how much good the man has done...unless he dies between now and next year, I'm going to make a point of asking for thw WHOLE MALFING WEEK OFF next year so I won't have to put up with this SHAP!! I don't care how much it hurts my pocketbook or how much it hurts my employer I am asking off next year for my own sanity!!!!

This on top of the tail end of that two month bullshap of 50 cent drink lunch buffet promotional is enough to drive me to blowing my brains out!!!

In fact if I wasn't so tired and headachey I would have tried to sneak around to arrange to blow my brains out after I type this and the next you all would have heard from me would have been in ljers4eternity. The only reasin you're hearing this now is that I am/was way to tired to ever put forht the effort to sneak out my mom's pistol, find where she hid the ammo for it and load the damned thing and blew my brains out...and that I did drink a bit and came home to type this.

So as long as there's the double Steiner PPC in me and the Windex in me....that's as long as I'll type before I decide to go to bed with a few ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth over my right eye.

This is a classic instance of WHY peopl are so dammed stupid HWY they see that we are so malfing BUSY but yet they still stay around and order the damned buffet because 1) they want buffet [maybe because they are old and what the malf is it with old people and buffet anyway? malf them, go back to the malfing nursing home you malfing parasites????] and 2) buffet is cheap?/ CHEAP???? who the malf cares if it is cheap?????? If you come in and see we are hammered to the walls, is it not CON...CON...(what's that word???) to turn around and leave and go somewhere esle so as not to give the employees any unnecessary added PRESSURE??? What's that? The customer is "always right"??? the customer is "royalty"??


And you wonder why I raise so many suicidal wishes????

malf malf malf malf malf MALF MALF MALF MALF MALF MALF MALF!!!!!!!

Anymore of this and I'll be giving my 16 week notice since I already enrolled for Fall Semester....I'll just look forward to the gymnastics of transferring to Easter New Mexico University for the remaining 1.5 calendar years of my Bachelors Degree experience.

Screw this all and Screw malfing Mazzio's #B3 down the street from malfing Rhema Bible College and the damned Billy Graham Crusade I can't wait till that old malfer dies!!!
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this is so IT!!!!

this is not a work gripe this is a commerce gripe...

Braums might not have the sticker price on their milk at $3 a gallon but yet I got a surprise when mom returned with milk....she went ahead and got milk while she was out and came home and told me I woed her....

<b>$3.03 a gallon!!!!!</b>

she may not have wanted to hear what was on my mind but I'll say it here and now...We should have done a better job in this so called "war" and went after every single damned OPEC nation and bombed and killed them all until they scream uncle and give us the title deeds to all their oil wells so then we won't have to buy from THEM anymore the oil...and then we won't have to pay $3.03 a callon for our milk!!!!


in fact if things go above what I think is expensive for the item I will refuse to buy them anymore either no matter what my mom says.

Eventually I could starve when I pay only the bills for the roof over my head but I don't care anymore!!!  I will NOT support price gouging because of the damned gas prices because of OPEC being pissed off at us!!  I hate OPEC and I hate our pissy poor job at this war!!!