November 28th, 2005

Lancea Sanctum

Voice Post:

216K 1:15
“Well uhhh I'm doing another one so, hopefully Sherri (<lj user="elymsherri"> could listen in to this one because this one's especially for her...hey guess whaaaat? Guess what I'm drinking? I'm drinking the Mt Dew, which you so lovingly call the <b>pee juice</b>!! *laughs* And yes everybody she does call it pee juice because one night on webcam she saw me drink it and I pulled a joke on her and said I was drinking pee and ever since then she calls it the pee juice. So anyway see you next time...oh I got an days to use up the entire 15 phone postings (for the month) so *sticks out tongue*!”

Transcribed by: skrain_bodak