December 17th, 2005

Circinus Federation

Hey elymsherri

actually this goes to about anyone interested too....

After seeing a few people on LJ using this "You Send It" to link to movies and even zipped up full episodes of ancient TV shows and mp3s...I looked into it and have seen that it's simple and free to use.....

And yes we (Sherri and I) need to get restarted on Circinus Federation campaign as well as me getting on the ball and get the stuff together for the Death Commando campaign with misfortunedfool

So anyway the point of this is that I can put the Battletech PDF manuals on and link in my LJ for Sherri and others.
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Clan Diamond Shark

Battletech PDF downloads if anyone's interested....

I pray no one from Battlecorps/Battleshop ever Googles to see if anyone's bragging like I am about to about sending these PDFs via yousendit and linking to them.

I mean me doing this would drain their profit base a bit since I'm not charging for sharing something I paid for LOL

btw, anyone want me to send any stories through yousendit to read?  I'm still subscribed to Battlecorps and getting the fiction.

Here's the links to the manuals

grr it's hanging up on the last one grrrrr I'll post that one later.
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