August 13th, 2006

Lancea Sanctum

my eyes = my appendix???

Just got home from getting the paper and more canned cat food and I had my back to the car when it was going in the garage and I went to roll the door down and it bounced off the back of the car, didn't see where it hit but I'm glad it didn't cause damage. I have enough financial struggles as it is saving up for a laptop.

I am such an idiot though!!!!!!! Stupid clumsy idiot!!! My eyes apparently are as USELESS as my appendix!!!! Maybe in order to be "more careful" as my mom put it, I ought to POKE THEM OUT!!! Since apparently I don't bother to LOOK WITH THEM....

My eyes are the new appendix!!! Useless!!!
Lancea Sanctum

everything's okay now, was just aggravated earlier...

So now that there's a few days since Thursday, what do all you BB fans think about Kaysar? :( I'm just going to watch enough of this season now to see that bitch Danielle get voted out and I hope it's in the most humiliating way possible just for putting Kaysar up for nomination after Janelle vetoed herself out.

I hate Danielle now...she's playing the game for her kids, she already made that clear, but still....and I feel I'm going to get flak over this...doesn't she realize that except for one season, the winners have always been black and white...either a black person or a white person. To use a semi-popular saying, blacks and whites are so overrepresented on TV, and as a minority blacks have been represented the most, that black people on TV have become "The New White People."

Therefore it is sooo cliche for even a black person to win Big Brother and it is just not enough and it is just not fair. The show is rigged against those who are the real minorities out there in TV land, which is "everyone who isn't black or white."

However it would be fine with me if one of those that remain had a disability either physical or otherwise because that's a minority all of its own and also one with no regard to color.

I would also watch just to make sure Cowboy doesn't get voted into the house at the midpoint. At this point I would be just satisfied if Ivette gets voted in even though I don't like her much or agree with her lifestyle. Like the last season she was on, I would very grudgingly root for Ivette if she gets in.