June 29th, 2008

Fed Suns

Hey all what's up?

Been having fun with the pod and stuff. Finally got it to pick up wifi signals so now I can surf and post on the go and check mail. Well, except for any lengthy posts since it's so slow to just try and tap them out letter by letter. Ordered a stylus though so I wouldn't smudge the screen much with my "fat" fingers and have typos.

I know I haven't been posting more than once or twice a month. :( I guess life has gotten too boring for me. I remember the great days of posting every other day but thinking of those days....it seems that I was posting about what made me mad and/or silly stupid stuff that pissed me off that shouldn't piss me off. Now mom's dead and without her around and us arguing about Bush and other things and me getting hacked about her attitude of seeming to always want to win arguments (always being right) and then turning around and trying to make me think that there have been times when I have had the winning argument....it seems that I have less to post about.

...and then even with the days that the lunch crowd at work swarm in and slam us...I usually complain about that and of customer "stupidity" and I don't even know for certain if it's the meds or not but I just don't care much for complaining anymore.

I'm living alone now and I think the only reason why my sister and I get along these days is that we aren't living together in the same house and she's not complaining about anything.

I think I'm so boring....I don't post anywhere really unless I have something to bitch about which is sad. I should be more interesting than this.

...really...I remember the time I posted a few quickie entries about me getting quite upset about the dialup connection repeatingly dropping when I was downloading the VCR manual (back in 2000 when mom and I had dialup) and I broke a roller off the chair...I remember posting those tortured entries about my breakup with ex gf #3....the entries about mom after that....I'm not even sure if I had mentioned the one awful wish I had one time that I won't even mention that I'm guilty of now.

Gotta catch up on reading now though.

Sorry I'm boring again.
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Free Worlds League

butthole load of podcasties...lol

man going through all the..."backissues"...of the M:tG podcast is tedious and I know I can uncheck until I get an amount that could fit on the pod but yet I'd rather play them off the computer as I go on that route so there won't be so many to listen to.

However either way there's a lot lol
Lancea Sanctum

Jason and the new World of Darkness connection....

In the light of the games of the new World of Darkness setting, and yes I know that pretty much all of the Friday the 13th movies were made way before White Wolf reinvented the WoD universe, I theorize that Jason Voorhies must be...a Promethean!

Even though his corpse is intact and not a cobbled together body, think about it....he was under the lake, rotting away, keeps getting killed and coming back over and over, every time he gets unmasked it's the same body and no copycat, his face is a mummified mess, singleminded against nature, etc.

and obviously he has no soul.

The only thing that separates him from a Promethean the Created character is that he's not in search of a soul. He has Pyros but he just looks for people to kill.