April 9th, 2009

Lancea Sanctum

Stupid "Kim Jong Il"

LOL I just read a note about why our CLI scores are so low and it's in Tim's writing and lists that we should be more friendly and prebus and there should only be cups on the table when ppl leave. He claims the scores SHOULD be within a certain range and I think "it's no we should it's more like we or rather he WANTS it there!"

Can't wait to quit here so I can quit that WIERDO NAZI!

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Circinus Federation

grr at some posting programs/apps

Why is it when I use a program like an iPod app or whatever and not just post but use a different icon or whatever and check on my computer, I see it with random tags? LOL Then when I go edit the entry it's not tagged anything.

It's good to be back home
Go Malf Yourself

*shudders* Not going to vote president EVER AGAIN!

Big Big Middle Finger Time.....


I really wish that someone other than Republicans or Democrats could get in the White House and that Oklahomans could choose more than just those two.

Both have stabbed the US in the back and since there's only two parties people in this crappy state can vote for, I won't vote again for president.

Hate Oklahoma hate hate hate it! Hate the Dems but not as much as I hate the Repubs....
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