January 28th, 2011



When I got home from work today I started watching some Inuyasha since I haven't seen the complete series at all and I had started from the beginning and am now at about ep 100 of plain vanilla, not Final Act and eating supper and soon after I finished supper the ep I was on stopped in the middle. I thought to myself that maybe the service hiccupped again and I went to check the modem in the living room and the DSL light was off! So I unplugged for 2 minutes a few times and still no DSL light. I even took the little "fork" prong out of my geocaching multitool thing and tripped the reset thing in back but still no DSL light. Called the support number, went through automation and had automation test connection which failed and sent me to a live human which went through the test stuff again and nothing.

So now it interrupted my flow and not only that, I'm at the bar now since I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon for the gorram technician to come out to check the darn thing in person. MML!!!
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