Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

This really takes the cake!!!!

My question to start this all off is WHAT NEXT????????

Within the last week or so, I had a morning when I was getting ready for work and was doing the last things I do before going out the door for work. I looked all over the house wherever I usually have my wallet to grab it, it wasn't in those places...I was on the verge of tearing apart the house for it but had to leave anyway for work and I had mom return to the house to look for it. She found it hidden under or within the bedspread on my bed!

Tonight I was at Sam's Club with my mom and my sister's family and I found in the games section the other retro game collection for GBA that I have noticed for a while, the one with Sinistar on it. I was like "These are hard to find, I'm either putting it on the debit, or charging it to the Sam's Card." I put it in the cart and then we finished shopping.

So then we all get to the checkout and wait, my sister's family went first and did their stuff, then mom chose to buy a creme broillette (sp) cake, pie....thing. I was last and I paid for two bags of chips and a pack of miniburger/bisket burger things and then had them subtotalled, they were under the cash I brought so I did that, and then the cashier told me something like "Your card is could now be set up to be charged but you'd have to go over to customer service to set it up for that" so then I said "Before you ring up the cartridge then, I need to ask you if you take debit cards" and by then I had my debit card out and partly out of the paper sleeve...

He told me that they do take debit but NOT BOK debit cards!

So then I was all thrown and told him to just put it back in stock, all dissapointed.

I walked out of there just thinking everything else was routine and went home and put up the stuff and went and gassed the car....

When we got back home, I took off all the stuff: coat, CD player, etc....pulled out the cash out of my pocket and my two cards....

*glance,.......second glance,.....third glance*

I go out to the living room and told mom that she was probably going to be very upset but.....I had left my wallet up there at Sam's Club!

Before long I was muttering one word: "Idiot" over and over and even mom was saying "I can't believe that you left your wallet up there" and I think she said a little more but I forgot. She called the store directly and they told her that one of their employees found it (it was possibly the cashier that just immediately noticed and was too busy to grab my attention at that time) and that it was locked up in the safe.

After the phone call she told me about it and then I suggested we leave the house early enough to get up there when it opens and get in to get it and then get to work. I asked her if that extra house that she was doing on Thursdays recently was tomorrow and she said no.

But then she started saying that she had planned on doing a little cleaning in the house and vacuuming and going to her hair stylist to do something with her hair "...but oh no!"

I was then even more like "I'm just a big mistake, nothing more than a series of mistakes..." Mom said that I was just.....I forgot the word she used but then I said "Maybe God should have corrected that when I was in the womb" so she said God had nothing to do with it...that made me hate myself even more.

Maybe I should drink a little more this NYE.......
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