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Well before I go....(last post of 2004 the year of shame)

I am now doing what has been long delayed even though I officially did most of the rest of it the other month. I haven't updated what I am about to do in quite a while from even before a year previous last August though I have updated here often enough to fill in the gaps in the Blogger blog. long last....due to unforeseen circumstances that I should have seen long ago....

The Final Verse of the chronicles of the KRML set to epic poetry

The Historie: Passage 32, Stanza 8, Verse 4


This verse has ended.
What was to be our Greatest Triumph
And Greatest Progress
Has crashed in exploding corruption and greed.
Our Great Purpose not so great, our Great Founder
Not so Great...never has been great, never will be
A civilization and Hope built on lies and evil to cure evil
Which is never meant to be an inoculation.
Compromise was never enough, insecurity and fear crushed
And choked the Hope that would, in reality, become
Mankind's Darkest Terror.
Lust for another as well as for The One, and blindness in a form
Threw the killing blow.
25th January, 2004! Never forget!
The Dire Dark Day when the now So Called Eleven Hundred Year War
Was cast into ruin on the 31st year of War, the eighth year of
Official Hostilities against the normbirths.
Heeded warnings we did not,
Passage 30, Stanza 5, Verse 1, Lines 17-30 had screamed out to us...
"Single moms are TOO DANGEROUS!!
Then the one that I wrecked
The relationship with The One for, the one that I valued also as friend,
The one that tried to help me overcome,
Continually became a Judas,
Betrayed with a Kiss, several kisses figuratively to the former Great Founder,
And then also to her love, and disappointed the Great Founder's uplooking gaze
By more Betrayal of more intimacy before the appointed time.
Now we are done....with the new year we are finally done,
The final stroke, tonight, will finish what has been finished.
"The thunder claps/The demon roars/Now is the time to end [man's] evil"
The KRML....the great beast...falls down with the final stroke to die.

This verse has ended...LET NO MORE EVER BEGIN!
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