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The following are parts of a thread on the forum boards of the Battlecorps site...pasting them since I'm not sure if it could be accessed by non subscribers though I did see something to the effect of guests viewing the board..... The subject is "Terror Weapons" with the implied topic of "The Word of Blake Jihad"
Okay, we already (in game terms) have our nucs, our bio-bombs, our rogue asteroids. But what other sort of super-weapons do the Inner Sphere and Clans have, lying around, or festering in the brain of some mad scientist?

I'd appreciate if we kept within the fields of known BT technology. So no T-1000 liquid metal robots, no zero-point energy bombs ... but what extrapolations or perversions of BT tech can you think of?

My contribution - the JumpBomb. We all know KF drives don't like jumping too deep into gravity wells. And we know mis-jumps can sometimes catastrophically destroy the ship jumping, either on arrival or departure. We also know that jumps can be calculated very accurately - hitting a planet or moon's La Grange points requires some damn fine shooting, no?

So imagine a very expensive Jump Governor which can be used to force a mis-jump deep into a planet's gravity well - eg. 1000m above the enemy's capital, starport, game shop or other critical target, and which attempts to maximise the "earth-shattering boom" factor. Sure, it might only have a 1 in 4 chance of working ... build 6 of them!

Of course, none of these things could become canon, but ... what other Whacky Ideas (TM) can you come up with?
well if we wanna steal from Gundam we could always do the "drop a space colony on em" move, like say one of the orbital factories floating over Kathil?


Anyway, what about a larger scale gause rifle/mass driver. Like say, Warship size? I know we already have Naval Gauss canons, but I'm talking multiple times that size, something you could only mount by fusing it with the spine of a ship and building the rest of the ship around it. Something that could level a town or small city with one shot........Could make Turtle Bay look like nothing....
Here's one the Clans will hate: Genetic weapons, specifically designed to target and erraticate a specific gene-line (ie. House Kerensky).
Alternatively, a genetic virus specifically designed to wipe out Elementals.
How about mining a Jump Point? Expensive maybe, but if you mined every jump point save one, it could be difficult for anyone to find it. And who would when a wrong choice means instant death. (Heck, just the mass of the mines could spell disaster)

Naval Gauss Rifle Thermonuclear Ammo: Based on one of my more practical death weapon ideas, you basically take a Thermonuclear bomb with carefully calibrated vibro-sensors and slap it into a Gauss Rifle slug. The Gauss slug penetrates into the hull, where the nuke detonates... and believe me, a Nuclear explosion inside your ship is not pretty. And should the gauss slug be stopped by the armor? No problem! Proximity nuclear detonations are pretty nasty too, even in space. Used on a planetary target, you could use it as a major bunker buster, gouging a huge crater in the planetary surface and killing that irritating Baron hiding in his hardened, underground bunker.

Orbital Defense Satellites: Little armed satellites with LRM 20s and ER PPCs, or maybe ER Large Lasers or RAC 2s. With enough of these you could put a serious kink in anyone's plans for invasion.

Sabotaged Dropship: If you could sabotage one of these things at the right time, it could crash into something big and expensive, like a city Fusion Plant, planetary capital, another Dropship, or a military base. Probably not possible at all times, but you never know...

Kamikazes: Like a sabotaged Dropship, only with nukes in them, and they can be whatever you want mounted with one. Imagine, a captured 'Mech which could pass as a 'Mech returning late from the field and avoiding suspicion long enough to get deep into enemy lines to their HQ, then BOOM! No more HQ!


afterthought: Hmmmm Naval Gauss Rifle Thermonuclear Ammo..... Better than the plan I had last year designing the KRML Warship U-Cat with the special Fate Alteration Engine. I could incorporate that into Echoes of Amaris....yessssssssssss.
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