Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

You know what would really suck about Enterprise being cancelled is that if whoever is in charge of determining what's "canon" and what's "not canon" would decide that the whole show is canon and give the reasoning that this week's and last week's episode is essentiall the "Romulan War" that happened before the Federation was made.

I wouldn't put it past them I mean if there's two people (the producers that were in charge of Star Trek since Roddenberry died) that do a whole bunch of conflicting garbage like insisting that Star Trek isn't good anymore without a supermodel actress or some other well formed actress in a "sex kitten character" role, or assuming that Enterprise would be boring as a series without pulling in a whole bunch of of new alien races (even though this is a prequel series and isn't supposed to be any first contact with any "new" alien races that wouldn't be shown in the others since this is a PREQUEL)...

...and if these same people get away with putting races in there that was in the other series where those other series say in the dialog or whatever that the first contact happened after "Enterprise" by saying that the first contact that happened during "Enterprise" was first contact with EARTH and not with the FEDERATION...

then I wouldn't be surprised if some people would say that these most recent two episodes count as the Earth/Romulan "War" which doesn't look like a war...

It's more like a SKIRMISH!

(why I think this way???? It's because the Romulans were using a remote control ship to frame the Tellarites and make the Andorians up until "Enterprise" was filmed, the canon timeline said that all communication between humans and Romulans were so they couldn't see each others' that's why)
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