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I can't believe this stuff

**sigh** I know it's been ages since my last major post but I've been still seriously busy....I come out of a rough semester where I had a class on one hand that I was too cocky in and almost flunked if it wasn't for wise advice from mom advising me that two 77% scores on the last mandatory test and the makeup test would be too chancy to pull off to get a 71% I took the opportunity to withdraw from class.

The other hand I was speaking of was me getting all worked up at work because of their stupid policy of not letting anyone go until permission is granted or most if not all the work is finished. I used to be treated better where I work but ever since the location I was hired at got remodeled to a new format forcing me to transfer to the only other dine in location in the city, suddenly the manager I've worked under for the past four years started since the transfer, thinking up ways, it seems, to keep me there and then eventually saying that it's corporate policy to stay until I get either permission or the job done and if there's a conflict it's on my end and if I have a problem, then there's no place... So essentially I've been working myself up and trying to do anything to fight the lunch crowd and cutting tiny little corners to get off on time and it's to the point where last semester I had to lie about where I went to school (wasn't the original plan but they were asking me over and over where I go to school...idiots, if they were really supportive they would remember and even remember to look at the schedule request files when they change my hours) to get off in time for when I transfer back to where I can get into and use disabled services.

Adding to all that is my mom's sudden epidemic of picking me up LATE on School Days. No other time in any other semester has she "lost track of time" or "was talking to [my sister] on the phone and couldn't get off right away" or some other stuff....!! I still think that first time and getting sooo worked up as a result, was partly why I had a rough time on the first test.

Now I've started on cleaning my room like my mom has been wanting but she expects me to just take the stacks of unread magazines in my hands straight to the trashcan but I BOUGHT it's going to be by "Limp Bizkit rules"

Everyone sing w/ me...."o/~ I'll do things my way / It's my way / MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!! o/~"

I'll READ the magazines first!! THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL I THROW AWAY!!!


Finally now with the last part of my update...I was taking the time earlier this afternoon to start writing my groups that I haven't written in a while starting w/ my two most active owned groups and I was writing the oldest one that I had for a while...a email pen pal group. I went onto Yahoogroups to check on the member list and a few things and when I clicked the link on the group list, I ran smack into something that was clearly wrong!! I noticed that those damned Yahoo "surfers" relisted my email pen pal group in an Adult category under the Dating subcategory!! NEVER has this one group been about Dating nor was it ever meant to be Adult!! I am going to try to do anything feasibly possible to get it changed back but if it by any chance gets any closer to being deleted or gets deleted by then then I will just go somewhere else, possibly by just converting the list easily back to it's original format....not on any free list hosting service but done by writing and then doing the other members' addresses in CC: field.

More later and soon, promise!!
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