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very long time no see....

I know this entry has been a loooong time after the last one. Been quite busy with school and reading and email and stuff. Finally finished this semester and am now awaiting the time when I could go and get the official transcript so I can transfer to the new Northeastern State University campus in town so I won't have to go to downtown Tulsa to attend Langston through OSU-Tulsa. The ridiculously high gas prices and the stupid "Stairway To Heaven" philosophy the Big Heavies are inflicting on the prices would make things more difficult as well regardless. Here I was griping for months about the stations "playing 'Dime Pong'" with the prices and now it's more like, for instance, "....going down to $1.29....up to $1.39....down to $1.35.....UP to $1.49!!!......down to $1.45.....UP TO $1.59!!!!!!!!......down to $1.55....UP TO $1.69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR LET'S GET F**KING POSTAL HERE AND KILL EVERYONE IN THE GAS STATION INDUSTRY!!!! I promise the ppl that will carry THAT out that I will pay them LOTS of money once I get rich off of my Franklin funds and CDs when I get 50-ish.....

I've also been busy going through with what I call "Master Plan Omega" or simply "Plan Omega" or simply by the Greek letter. It's essentially me strategically going through a "shopping/wish" list of material for Battletech that I have been intending on getting in all due time if FASA had not announced that they were quitting business. I've planned on doing this in what I've called "waves and swarms" which are defined as swarms being arranging one trip to one store around another separate event. For instance, the first swarm was when I planned on getting the ticket to this summer's Trek Expo at Starbase 21, and I've planned on getting mom to get us to visit Grandma and Grandpa nearby but I forgot that she told me that my sister and her had been planning Grandma's birthday party for the night I planned so when I did that stunt, mom was dissapointed in me but I did get the ticket and then before she picked me up (she had to drop me off b/c we had my niece and nephew w/ us seriously wanting to get there....) I had turned around and dropped $120. for Battletech books. Then a week ro so later I used up the very last Zio's gift certificate I got under my work's old reward system since it was close to expiring and I got the oppt to go to the other store I frequent nearby and I was going to get at least one more book I saw the last time I was there but they didn't have it so instead I got two more that I noticed that were on a later "wave" on my list and both together came to $40. and then I ordered two online from Barnes and Noble for $45. (actually I ordered $45. of Flooz and had some extra in there previously and the total came to $45.07 including shipping).

Mom says that if I don't curb the spending that she'll take away the checkbook.....forget that... If it was Ham Radio equipment I bet she wouldn't have made that threat because she probably wouldn't have minded that much. Now I know what my fellow Hams feel when their XYL's (wifes to the uninitiated) gripe when they spend lots of money on feed lines and antennas and new rigs, etc, etc. Helloooooo....I AM spacing out all of this despite my own predilections of "gloom and doom free for all.....get it before it's gone." Because of this I'm SERIOUSLY considering making up some "con games" like getting her to take me to Asylum just so I can buy some back issue comic for my collection so I can say "Oh while I'm here...." and buy myself some miniatures....leave the other books for buying on B&N w/ Flooz.

Have to go to the mind doctor later today b/c the SSA is reviewing my case to see if I'm "still disabled" according to them. He's just going to observe or something and then send back something to them so they can make a decision. They say I don't have anything to worry about and I say "yeah right" because I can't trust the Piggy US Govt as far as I can throw Area 51!! US Govt is just full of stupid misinformed, selfish, corrupt, scummy, filthy bastard pigs....

Oh and speaking of Battletech....I decided that even though my nephew still isn't quite old enough yet, I'll just go ahead and try to see if he is mentally able to play Battletech soon. He just turned 7 and a week or so ago he had tests to see his IQ and he scored pretty high for his age. This was done b/c they say he has ADHD and gave him some medicine and stuff and say that the ADHD is masking the true him and part of his IQ as well. We talked about it while the family was out....he wants his character to serve in the Magistracy of Canopus. I've always wanted to see how to play a character from that state as well. :-)

I was going to say something about Cassie Bernall, something that I saw on her offical website, but silly me, when I was doing some stuff I copied something else and lost her link from the clipboard. I'll retrieve it in a few seconds....
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