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hahaha if all of us could only email NBC at least and at least ask WHY?.....

Yeah and also give them pieces of our minds...I often wonder the same thing when my soaps get interrupted by something stupid at 12-2 PM Central time and then occasionally prove my worst fears by going on and on and on and on AND ON and taking a big chunk out of the show(s) for something that can't wait until freaking 5 o clock!!

I agree, if it isn't TWO PLANES SLAMMING AN INTERNATIONALLY WELL KNOWN SCYCRAPER AND DESTROYING IT....then don't bother freaking interrupting!! Not even if it is about some ex-football player murdering his wife and leading the cops on a slow chase!!! Not even to say that Michael Jackson is friggin guilty!!

edit: just to make it a bit more funny....I just didn't know planes can do "that"....could you? ;) Let's get two jumbo jets together and maybe they can create for us a little pontoon thing...or a Lear! :P
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