Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

neph finally got a Shadowrun character

but it's not named as of yet and have to get together all the different tables strewn throught the manual for the equipment price list but at least I have stats....

now until I get everything straight I can do what I haven't done before, start out the adventures with a side story and I do have something in mind....since I think I want to start everything out with Gnax and his elven brother be stuck in Renraku when the AI Deus malfunctions and takes control (yes, in Shadowrun's "awakened world" not only did humans start turning into elves, dwarves, trolls and orks at random times, but it could happen that someone of one race could give birth to someone of another race, even if both parents happen to be of one race).

So for some reason Gnax gets out...or Deus lets him out....though for what reason, I haven't decided yet...possibly exile him because Deus thinks he has no use, or is afraid he'd be a threat....and so Gnax would team up with someone on the outside to slip past the UCAS army perimeter surrounding the arcology and try and sneak in to be with the brother...and then either the there would be a two prong story with the three of us in it, and I'd post what my nephew and I do while physically playing the game, and then posting it on the community and then contacting the other guy(s) for their part....or the other character would leave...

So who wants to do a side story with me? I can slip you across an archetype....
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