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I think the people in charge of NBC network are some of the most stupidest and most moronic people in the whole darned planet, and they have an IQ of..... -10

This is the heighth (sp) of stupidity that, some time ago, they rescheduled only Days of our Lives until the wee morning hours and not Passions because of...something or other that aired in the normal timeslot... Why only Days and not Passions?

I heard it was because Days had more ratings than Passions.

Now today (and it's even more stupid since normally you would think in our sports crazy culture that the TV Guide would be advised in advance of this) apparently there was some dumb golf cup tourny on in the morning and the STUPID network did it where they would stop coverage at noon and then pick up at 1 PM....

...apparently because Days gets more ratings than Passions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why in the heck is a dumb sporting event that much more important than a soap????

Why does a broadcast network feel it has the need to make these "deals" to show these dumb sporting events during days and times when the MEN THAT NORMALLY WOULD WATCH THAT CRAP would be at WORK??????

Pardon my French but that is just jackassed dumb.

(and whoever in here is the one that works somewhere in some capacity for the moronic mess that is NBC, can you please tell them exactly how I feel? Thanks)
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