Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

just about one week until class reunion

Already things are rough though. I don't know why I expect the lunch rush to be as easy during the summer months than it is during the rest of the year though with all the school people out. Now quite a bit of families and crowds come and every year I wonder how I dealt with it because I'm suddenly hating how slow I am and wanting to test the theory of reincarnation so that I might be reincarnated as someone more "normal" and as a result much more genetically defective. Even though it's true that I still think that any guy not born with a handicap or with the potential for one (like Parkinsons, etc) is genetically defective, it's times like these that I would rather be defective than to be who I am now so that I can be faster.

btw, does anyone know if an employer can get away with being an "At Will" workplace in a "Right to Work" state? I forgot the exact wording but suddenly for the first year ever, there's a blue sheet to sign at my work that's kinda like the Sex Harrasment sheet that us employees are required to sign each year...but the blue sheet is more or less one that needs to be signed by the employees to state that they have read the reminder that my employer has the "At Will" agreement that was in effect upon employee hiring....that they have the right to terminate if they feel the employee is not up to snuff on their job or whatever and the employee in turn still has the right to quit at any time.

I don't know if I'm describing that right but even though my boss and a co worker explained it to me....I'm still wondering if it is actually legal to still be "Employment at Will" in a "Right to Work" state and if it's legal to have people sign something like that.

Anyway I'm so sick of being slammed why don't all these damned customers and busloads of teenage kids and middle schoolers and stuff go back where they belong and have lost souls for lunch and dine w/ their Father Satan??

My mom got a job at Albertson's and am glad she's away from those nasty bitches at Reasor's LOL. I wonder how we're going to work out the eve of the 15th since she's giving two week notice? anyway have to go....
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