Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

from a two part comment to Rose's journal

Today was Mini-Con....and sad to say there was quite ample reason to give my mom for her to remain predjudiced against anime....still the same judgemental self she is....she only saw the negative...

Not only were there quite a few goth people there that would give anyone the jeebies (why would there be goths at an anime convention???) but when my mom just walked through to find me to see if I was ready or not....she lumped all the cosplayers in with the goth people....she went to the bathroom before she left and walked out and there was this gay goth person with super short and tight shorts and she almost puked on top of him and then she saw someone she described only as dressed in red, priest like robes with fangs (edit: I noticed a typo that I don't think I'm able to change in the original comment but able to do so here...I typed "fanks" instead of "fangs") and a "Spanish style hat" though I think she could have had seen the person dressed up as Alucard from Hellsing even though Alucard wears a top hat.

She was going on about how quite a few of them were wearing skimpy outfits and that even Christians should be concerned about going to those things and that quite a few of those were quite freaky. I think the first thing she said in her talk was something like "I hope you noticed how the....young people...that have gone to this convention were like and were dressed."

Oh I don't remember seeing this person so I don't know what character she was dressed up as (I might if I had seen her) but my mom was like making a big deal out of her saying that "she had on this dress that was split up the sides and you could see her bare legs all the way up to where the thigh meets the butt...and the dress was flapping in the breese...."

She wouldn't budge from her opinion (figures) even if I told her that not only are there the good and bad "costumes" there are also the good and bad animes. She wouldn't budge about the "questionable types of people" that like anime and she either forgot (by "sleeping since then") or chooses to ignore the fact that there are communities like AA and CAA and the people that are in them.

She also tends to judge the people that love to dress up as their favorite characters as "not quite normal" even though they only do it for conventions and do it for enjoyment and for contests and stuff to show their fandom....and it doesn't help much either when there's goths there to make it worse for the rest of them when someone like my mom walks through the door. She lumps the regular cosplayers together with the goth people as not normal, unhealthy, freaky. I get the impression she thinks they are more freaky than the people that dress up as stormtroopers, Jedi, droids, Starfleet, and Star Trek aliens at the Trek Expo. I have a TNG era Starfleet tunic but I don't wear it, Why? b/c I don't remember if she actually said it or not but I got the impression one year that mom wouldn't take me to the Expo if I wore it because when I tried to go dressed in it she remarked that it was "too warm" for me to wear it. Just imagine how she would react if I had the materials including the makeup and stuff to go as a Klingon???

I would have used the same argument that you used when you expressed your dissapointment at the mangazine being sold as of yet in only the Christian book stores but you know me...and that if you put me up against my mom, I won't get very far with changing the mind of that stubborn, stuck up, obstinant old.....ummmmmm.....yeah....

But anyway....there were undertones in her little speech that she didn't think that anime much less anime conventions were something a Christian should be concerned with or involved with but yet, would Jesus have done any good if he stayed stuck in the synagogues instead of hanging out with tax collectors and sinners? I think my mom is the type of person that my best friend Renee (aka Danielle, Dani, Faithfulfollower) would be nauseous about...the hypocritical judgemental Christian that thinks her belief, denomination or rather her religion is better than everyone else's and everyone else. My mom would puke all over the gay goth guy with really short shorts???? She don't know it (and she'd BETTER NOT make me choose between her and my best friend either or she's in for a rude awakening) but Renee if she ever knew the type of person my mom is, Renee would puke all over my mom and I'd be cracking up!

(edit2: she should have also seen...but then again she might have seen but of course she wouldn't know anything about it...but there were several Sailor Moon characters, a Rorouni Kenshin and Misao, someone that used a lot of connected balloons to make a Gundam costume, and a family there that had two adorable girls dressed as Kikyu from "Inuyasha" and Zoey from "Mew Mew" there as well and what's so freaky about them??? What's so questionable about them??)
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