Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

errrgh I've been "ripped off" as well as fans like myself....

I can't believe what they pulled on Survivor, I mean yeah, it's a first and there've been many firsts this season, but yet I never expected them to go the "middle road" and I'm kinda ticked.

Last week was the first time they "allowed" one tribe to get down to one member before the merge. I was like "Even though it would be a first, if they don't do a merge and go ahead and do tribal immunity even though Stef is the only person in Ulong now, and she loses, and Jeff has to say 'Go ahead, go home, bai bai, tribe has spoken...' right then and there I'd be kinda ticked."

but now it ticks me off just as much because they might as well have done that...why you ask?

Because they had a merge anyway but it was essentially "Go over to Koror, we'll add you to their number, Ulong is no more."

Excuse me but even though I understand the reason to an extent, that according to that possible reason, there's no reason to have everyone "drop their buffs and change their name" because a tribe of ONE is merging with a totally intact tribe, I don't give a flying flip if it's one, or if it's five....

A merge is a merge is a merge and until now when you have a merge you're EXPECTED to have the merged tribe get a new color buff and change their bloody name!!! See what I mean when I said that they might as well have NOT merged and fix/throw things to where Stefanie loses and Jeff says "Ulong loses, but no reason for Tribal Council, bai bai Stef, your 'tribe' has spoken"???

Koror is still Koror and it kinda ticks me off.
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