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long overdue update

Again I haven't written in here for a while...I feel so bad having a few blogs and don't post in them often. I went to my ten year class reunion and saw a lot of old friends and a lot that went there remembered me quite well and missed seeing me over the last ten years....I gave my postal address to those that weren't able to give out their email addresses and the emails of others and took pictures. I'm glad I'm not the only one single and childless. I don't feel like quite the loser anymore. Maybe I can get a chance to date those that are still single that I know. The following week I got to go to the Trek Expo and got to get autographs and talk to Lou Ferrigno (the guy that play Bruce Banner's Hulk side in the Hulk TV show), Majel Barrett Roddenberry, and Laura Bertram from "Andromeda," Suzie Plaxston who played Worf's lover, and Connor Trinneer from "Enterprise", and Nichelle Nichols...It was quite fun other than mom's car breaking down, and me getting the humidity effect from being at Woodward Park after having a heavy briefcase around my neck for a few hours and wearing a black Klingon shirt. So now I can't take much heat because with heat there's the humility and now humidity affects me bad enough to give me headaches and that's not good.

Now in this last week or so, my mom quit Albertson's and now went back across to Reasor's again but she can't quit again because if she does, she can't return again. I also received something monetary from my Great Aunt Jeannie but it was quite a lot more than expected. My sister and I expected her estate to be a little less but were shocked when the checks came in. Besides I forgot I was going to get a check frankly...I thought that what we had already was the inheritance. Suffice it to say, we celebrated a little.
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