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Catching up more often....

Well I was surprised the past few weeks at how changes at Yahoogroups might affect me so far. Earlier this year, the large volume and large traffic groups have been notified that Yahoo would start trimming their archives because of bandwidth issues and one of the groups I'm in, which happens to be one of many I'm in with people in it from the community, is one of the big groups with a lot of traffic and a lot of the messages have loads of attachments.

I didn't realize how soon I would or how quickly I would have to catch up in this one group (I stopped keeping track in it since I was in a big fight with this group) until a few weeks ago when the trimmings eventually got to November 15...and for a few reasons I had stopped at September now I've been heavily catching up...I stayed ahead of the wave, it's now at December 8, I'm now almost through w/ December...and I just now planned to do 5 days worth of posts a day.

I'll try to stay ahead until when I go back to school in the fall and then hopefully I'll have a class this next semester that would let out early...and hopefully I can get to campus early enough to use their networked broadband connection to breeze through posts. I hope the class I choose would also not be that much intensive.

If I do get the time, I think I'd continue going the way I've been going at home and at school I'll try and go through last month because last month the others posted 6000+ messages!!
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