Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak


I'm better today... just wanted everyone to know. Howver had some depression today. It's nothing really. Sold back the textbooks but mom had the idea to use some amount to supplement grocieries so I would have to try and see about using about half of it to put in the checking to help myself out.

To the few that know who Larissa is. It was too bad I was sick last weekend or else I would have had a chance to go out and get a new battery for my camera to see if a low battery was the problem and if so, get a disposable but she said she'd send some...I tried to get her to agree for me to take one of her wearing the zebra blouse she had on but she was like "no no no I look tired!" :P She had to go back home overseas though. I even tried to bribe her to let me take a picture with her cell phone but no go.

our classmate Naomi was/is very nice to me too. She told me not to forget her and I was like "Why would I ever forget you?" I think the problem is, her forgetting me. No problem, I am easily forgettable.
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