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A day that became all so bad.....

I could just feel part of the old me coming back today...the extremely horribly bitter me that is still active now saying "Tomorrow WILL be better and would go MY way or else there would be lots of bodies!" (not literal but...close enough)

Here I am, I misplaced virtually all the business cards I had, the one with the contact info to my fellow graduate that works in the enrollment offices at campus (and I'm sure that I lost the email info in the last email crash as well), and the card for my advisor...so therefore since I still need to establish eyeball contact with my advisor so I would be "unlocked" to enroll for next semester, I planned on going over to campus to at least make an appointment to see him.

Anyway I worked today and then BOOOM....yep, for the umpteenth day in a row, for some odd sick reason, we got hammered yet again, and in the most recent meeting, we were all told that quite a lot of the time, we can't leave until everything is done on our shift...and besides it was SOOOO BAD that by the time it was my time to go ON PAPER there were still THREE SINKS full of dishes!!

I had to have my mom wait for TWO HOURS just because I had to make sure the buttload of the backlog was done and then I was able to go....at 4 PM!! Then my mom when I told her was saying something about just wanting to go home and I was told that I was griping or something when I was saying like "Well if we put it off until tomorrow, then what if the same thing happens tomorrow, or the next day, or the next???" Because that's the nature of the FILTHY BEAST KNOWN AS THE CUSTOMER HORDE!!! OOOOHHH I HATE THEM ALL...GENERALLY SPEAKING I HATE ALL THEIR MALFING GUTS!!!

grrrr...anyway we get over there and mom was really wanting to get back home because she was made to wait on me for so long even though she even admitted she knew it wasn't my fault that she was made to wait. She told me we were going to try and go in, get business done as quickly as possible and get back out (yeah and thinking back, if we were to do that, I would pick the first two classes that would fit the credits I have left to earn that wouldn't conflict with my schedule and I bet you all anything she would complain, whine and gripe if I picked either two 8:20-11 PM classes on separate nights or one 5:30-8 and one 8:20-11 PM on the same night...and of course with the day I had she'd better malfing not!!)

Anyway we got up there and decided to park in the culdesac since we figured we would still be in and out fast enough to not get ticketed and/or towed and we were but not the way we expected...

I went back to where my advisor's office was and the secretary (or whoever that person is) desk was vacant and a sign was there saying something about if anyone needed assistance to call some extention or go to the office in building C!! no one was in that group of offices and I was like "great, I would at least have to walk across campus to ask if my advisor is in or when he would be in...." so I was cross and mom was like "Well if you're going to have that type of attitude we can go home" and I was like "why don't we? and tomorrow I'm going to go in and tell management that I have a 3 PM appointment so that they wouldn't keep me on the clock."

Tomorrow I'm going to call up the main number, ask to be patched into Karen Johnson's extention, and at least leave a message....if I have to, I'll make sure mom stays home for when she calls and make the appointment for me after calling my advisor's extention.

Either way I'm going to get "unlocked" and I'm going to enroll....if anyone dares gets in MY way.... Eh? What's that? What's that I smell???????

BLOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD........the blood of my PREY....


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May. 19th, 2005 03:00 am (UTC)
You know, I know nothing about you, but yet..it's weird...tell me something bout you!!!
May. 19th, 2005 03:17 am (UTC)
well usually I'm sweet, calm and laid back unless something really pushes my buttons and that's only once in a while. Half of those times are when I want something accomplished and it seems the world or a lot of people are knowingly or unknowingly putting up resistance, in which case I keep resisting that until I accomplish what I need to do....

I like roleplaying games and I am getting into one called Shadowrun, go to wikipedia to look it up, I'm still in a....mood...so I can't do what I usually do and describe it in detail aside from it being a "fantasy plus cyberpunk" game. My character is a dwarf that's both a decker and a street shaman, his totem is a shark, which is described in the rules as for shamans that are essentially like me in a way....sometimes a shark shaman goes beserk especially when wounded and either goes into "kill em all" or just continues attacking the current opponent whether or not he/she is already dead.

So therefore in the real world I just keep on retrying the same thing over and over and over....to grab an overused phrase I "beat a dead horse"....until I do it like if I'm having trouble passing a point in a game, I just keep retrying.

Though I also know my limits which is why I withdrew from Intermediate Accounting a few semesters ago and never retook the class again though I also chose to retake Intro to Finance and did a great job the second time through.

From time to time you may hear some shadowy reference to my 3rd ex-gf but more so these days my dislike of a group of people of which belongs the guy she became involved with after me. If you go back in my archives you might even find a few including a few filtered posts regarding that group.

Even so, there's only a few that I realise are quite nice and are the exception to the "rule."
May. 19th, 2005 05:37 pm (UTC)
ohhh I just learned a lot. I like the way you write, you are good with words.. something I envy!

Sounds like quite the day you had. well.. hang in there hun.

May. 19th, 2005 07:59 pm (UTC)
thank....you... *blushes more*.....

I'm not all that special....
May. 20th, 2005 03:55 am (UTC)
Good Deal! Thanks for all that..Im pretty laidback and calm..But yea...You still gave no name that i can call you bu..or anything like that.Or an age..And I try to post and Comment regularly!

See Ya!
May. 20th, 2005 04:47 am (UTC)
oh okay....
I'm Al and I'm 32...just had my birthday.
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