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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
1. What angers you and why?

Many things anger me....when things appear unjust, when no one understands or chooses to understand fully a situation or what I'm like...that there's none out there that I could fully share myself with and with that I say that I anger myself since one could say that I thought I had found that person but it wasn't so, and I gave too much away to that person and learned the hard way that there's no one that could fully accept what I'm like...there's none that would understand that I'm a total bibliophile and would like anime and manga and roleplaying and Star Trek. None that unique as me.

Along with those, there are also the times especially between when my ex-gf dumped me (hush hush, guys...) and now with Kelley as my manager when various assistant managers have calmly and "caringly" jumped down my throat for "being too slow" when they don't care to understand that just because THEY can bus tables and the night servers (we really don't have any daytime servers) can bus tables in "sooo many minutes or seconds" doesn't mean that I can, especially with customers the way they are. Also I don't think that they have one server doing both bussing and serving and going back to keep the dishes caught up IFFFFF he/she has time....

...and they don't seem to understand that I can't be "out there" and "back there" all the time, and they gripe at ME for going over the clock? They make the occasional crack that just because the schedule says that I'm off at 2 or 3 doesn't mean I have to stay until then? Excuse me! We have more than one server at night and I barely remember when I was asked a few times to work a night shift and noticed they had people in the dish pit but yet also have servers serving and bussing? Yet they expect me whenever we have labor problems to hurry along despite the crappy customers coming and going and asking for "such and such" table to clear off and the dishes in the back piling up from just about get done early?!

They essentially expect EVERYONE to be the malfing same....especially "normal" like them. I'm glad Kelley understands the most, he is a nice guy.

Also if you noticed the few entries about being ticked at mom (and I'm sure you have the same experience calcgoddess1183 b/c I read it) you know that I am where I get really mad at mom and shouldn't BUT she gives me reasons to and then turns around and denies that those reasons are the case. She also turns around and denies that I get certain traits that bug her....FROM her! Like the complaining.

2. Do you ever feel you've lost touch with reality?

The one time that I definately felt like that (that I know of) was during what I refer to as the "C9 Slam." Before that location got remodelled into a Mazzio's 2000 test store, I was working there, it's near where I live...and I forgot what exactly the promo was but it had something to do with the lunch buffet or something because back in 1998, all of a sudden just about the entire world started eating there...

...and you remember from science class the lesson on cells and osmosis? Remember the picture of a saturated cell with the solution molecules being shown both entering and leaving the cell at the same time since there's so many of them IN the cell? That's what the restaurant looked was beyond SRO and it wouldn't surprise me if I had counted that it was double the building capacity. There were 20 people/parties waiting on one table to be clear and the place was practically full...

Anyway to keep myself sane I started to take the made up persona of a Clan Jade Falcon warrior and of course I kinda got a little too used to the role...also around this time I come home stressed out especially on school nights when I was made to stay late and then when I got home to change and get my stuff ready I had to turn around and go to school....I drank a few times whenever I could...and I was going out very late to get snacks and cat food a few times (U-Cat was still alive and we were leaving the garage door open a crack for her when we put her out there) and one night I was so tired and came back and noticed the dryer had stopped (the door broke and one of the straps was causing it to pop open so we use a stick to keep it propped closed....I propped it back by jamming the other end against the coffin freezer we have but didn't know until the following night when we got back and my mom called me by my FULL NAME and from then on, a fight broke out...this was after she went out and I went out afterward to get one frozen margarita...and we argued and she was going to kick me out and I ended up trying to slit my wrist with a Klingon knife that got confiscated from me)

3. What is your favorite video game?

right now? GTA and Gundam Seed Battle Assault (the one where I had to get two copies of it to play two players against someone whenever I and the other person wanted...if other person had a GBA too...the one copy was in my GBA when Crystal pulled her little stunt hush hush

4. What has been the favorite year of your life?

My favorite year? I can't really remember a favorite year, just lots of darkly tainted ones... one that I don't remember any taint I also don't remember much of it at all, back in PA, when I was going to Hawley Elementary. I don't remember much of my reaction to being in a special ed class or when I realized I was in one...or the teacher's name....I was in 2nd grade and somehow I met this 5th grader named Valerie and I had a crush on her and I barely remember being her friend....I also remember barely a classmate named Sandy that seemed to care about me...I should have been more friends with her... I also remember going to the special ed class and watching "The Electric Company" on PBS and "321 Contact"...and one time I remember playing this Sesame Street board game.

5. How did you come to your present religious beliefs?

I was born Lutheran and was for a while quite close minded to the other denominations...never was immersed in all the different ones really, except for Assembly of God which I thought was wierd for quite a lot of my life and had a bad opinion of them b/c they appeared to be sooo "different" than how Lutherans are. Now I'm a little different but it's hard to explain, even I am not totally like her since I'm still a little misunderstanding but now I tend to share misfortunedfool's thoughts.

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