Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

guess what guys?

I got broadband....

though it's kinda iffy now since we got most everything figured out..and we have it through the cable company and changed the phone over too so we have one bill for three and we get them cheaper all combined...the bad thing is now we realized that my mom is upset because she can't access her email the way she wants to which is through Netscape. She's even threatening to go back to dialup if she doesn't get things the way she wants them to (which is getting her email through the little Netscape mail thing.

Stinks huh? I mean this could mean that the hope that we could download faster especially big files...the fact that if I wanted to, I could download torrents without having to tie up the phone for a week....the fact that we don't have to tie up the phone at all....and the capability to boot up the Hikarunix OS and get online without have to go through the irritation of trying to learn how to get it connecting on dialup....all of those great possibilities would be no more all because *mocking whine of my mom* "WTMBBQ I can't download my new Cox email to the Netscape mail....waaaaa."

Malfing wimp. (Why couldn't Netscape be as simple to set up as Juno? That doesn't need any SMTP Pop any crap settings....and when they did the stunt of restricting all the free accounts to webmail only they made it so easy for me to hunker down and just pay for the upgrade...but no...Netscape is just a browser anyway and no particular service really. Well they do have a service but most people just use the browser and a different service)
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