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The best ones of these are the Britney Spears one and Stairway to Heaven and the Pokemon theme... :P hahahahahahahahhahahaha


Hey misfortunedfool doesn't the Britney Spears one remind you of someone like ummmm..... princessofhope / princessyoshimi? ;)


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Jun. 11th, 2005 02:41 pm (UTC)
.....About Her....
Comparing her to another person is rather harsh, even the many jokes made about Britney as well. Although I was never really a big fan of Britney...even I am getting tired of making jokes about her as well as seeing them on and off the screen.

About her though....although we may not be friends anymore, a part of me will always care.

You are better than to hold a grudge, pain is inevitable, that is true but misery is optional.

*Hugs to you*
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