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Okay an update on all the mess. Things have switched places. The other night I tried to see if my hunch was correct that I can connect through the phone part of the cable modem to Juno after setting it back to dialup settings, I was able to. I also was checking the ZoneAlarm because I noticed when mom was talking to Cox that she was being told to pull up Command Prompt and do "ipconfig" which is one of the things I saw Uncle Wayne do when he was doing the networking. So I was comparing the ip numbers between what it was saying on the Dell, what it was saying on the Compaq and the ZA settings on both.

There was a difference on one of the machines, I think the Compaq, possibly due to me having to make yet another Win98 profile because of the computer locking up on having loaded the Comstar manual in Acrobat Reader 5 and me talking to Shymk on MSN and then it "forgetting" my password.

So I tried to get the network to work and possibly get broadband back to the Dell by fiddling a little with Zone Alarm as much as possible without screwing things up worse than they already are...then I loaded Juno, set it for dialup, got online there and did my weekly thing in Cybertown and downloaded/checked the mail and then after that I remember just going to bed.

The next morning mom and I discovered that the Dell got the broadband back but when I went to check my mail on the web on the Compaq, I saw that THIS TIME the Compaq not only lost the ability to "look at" the Dell and access files, and share the printer, but it ALSO can't get on the broadband. So we're back at square one of sorts with practically 1.25 computers because I think the phone jack is still occupied, there's also no two prong jack, I don't think I'd be able now at this point to unhook the plug from the phone jack to put a double jack in to hook up the Compaq's modem (which in a few weeks would be moot since AT&T would be gone anyway and the Juno is still crap on the Compaq due to me trying to get my old mail restored and it still won't).

So anyway the Compaq is back to being 0.25 of a computer since it's slow, it's old, and it isn't connected to anything to access the internet with much less networked to the Dell to access the internet or anything.

At least I can still play Doom and go back to reading those classics on those science fiction archives CDROMs that my other aunt and uncle gave me.

So joy so far we have the broadband back at least where it belongs on the computer it is primarily intended to be. Over the weekend we would have Uncle Wayne try and fix the networking.

So without further ado I'll just summarize what I would retire so I can have fun with the Firefox extension to make icons....I don't know how to show them here but maybe it's for the best.

There's one that I won't mention...that one is definately retired.

Then almost sadly....the Ai Yori Aoshi ones. I stopped using those a LONG time ago shortly after the breakup with my ex-gf. I used them mostly for our gushy lovy dovy moments...those days are gone now and even though I'm still a fan, like I said in that one long post about the anniversaries (which is filtered) that series had lost most but not all of its meaning to me except for regret that I didn't really find my "Aoi" nor was my relationship having any sort of similarity to Aoi and Kaoru.

Time to wake up to Sheila told a friend of mine, life is not a fairy tale (or something like that)...there are relationships where one or both are very devoted and would do anything, however someone like Aoi doesn't totally exist, a love like that is nonexistant.

Time for a change of the guard.
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