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This irritates me since I thought things would have gone different today....

Nothing happened much today...the network wasn't fixed and we're now decided to wait for the Cox guy on Tuesday to try and fix it and I think from what I understand try and do something to allow the two computers to see each other through the router...I think I understand that part of the problem is the way the cable modem is set up.

So anyway we also got the computer a bit tweaked, got Norton rid of because it was having problems with the new setup and plus Cox has antivirus that is at least just as good for free and we were using that....

AND THEN.... when we got home from the groceries that we went after while I was waiting for the virus checker to complete, I checked my mail real quick and then got off right about 1 hour and 50 minutes ago to eat supper quickly and mom hops on the computer!!!!

So I had to miss the Bible study because of the same old thing that I had to put up with for the last darned almost two years and more....mom on something that is at least HALF MINE and forcing me either to wait for her to get off or me to ASK TO USE something that is at least half mine!

And I missed the study because of that...and I was fully expecting to make it...I should have WAITED to eat and left the chicken tenders sitting in the bag out on the table and made the Study.

i hate having to ask to use something that's partly or wholly mine...it's like asking permission to sleep on my own bed or asking permission to wear my own clothes!


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Jun. 12th, 2005 12:52 am (UTC)
Move out then. Then you don't have any hassles. :)
Jun. 12th, 2005 02:56 am (UTC)
that's what I plan to do....
After college I would...

but then I had a thought the other night...remember a while back when I think I alluded to having renewed contact with someone that I knew online from a few years back and we started calling each other and she started to like me?

Well we feel like we like each other that much but yet I know I need to take things way slower and besides she lives much further away than..."the last one"...so I'm not really going to say even to myself whether or not I'm with someone especially this one until I get proof like her moving here before mom moves to Branson or even her moving to Portales if it comes to that.

If she does have a chance to move here before two years...then maybe I could stay here and live because my sister might have enough of her own problems to have to worry about helping me out....so I think that if Sherri moves up here before I graduate, then when I drop the bomb and tell mom she's moving by herself and I'm staying, then Sherri would be helping me...she can come by and visit, help take me places, take me to work and back even if we do things the way they should and live in separate residences.

But then if she doesn't then no big loss...if we can't be able to move closer to each other then it wasn't meant to be. I bet you're wondering now why not me move to where she's at? Well Austin is a big city...even with a more reliable bus service and stuff, there would still be a logistics problem with groceries...because what if I move down there and nothing works out? There'd be no way to back out. Now it would be slightly easier if she moves here and nothing works out because if the relationship doesn't work then I know that Aunt Cathy does like the Southwest and the desert (where my mom actually doesn't b/c it's "dry and hot") so she would welcome helping me move there.
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