Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Well we have the next more minor irritation/complication.

One of the things we all did while trying to get the network back was go to the Cox site and download this thing...I think I mentioned it in the earlier entry, the thing we downloaded to replace the Norton that started having c: access errors when trying to do scheduled scans.  It is just as good as Norton and could have as much updates for free as Norton...well it has parental controls which mom decided go ahead and do for our sakes (to keep especially me from any temptation as well as her) as well as to protect my niece and nephew when they come over.  Of course smart mom wouldn't tell any password....but they (even Uncle Wayne) forgot something.

There's a setting in the Anti-Spyware part, or maybe it is the whole package, that is password protected settings.    One of those settings is in a group of checkboxes and one of those is this totally asinine thing for disabling access to the Task Manager which is the box that pops up when the user does the CNTL-ALT-DEL and it details how much of the RAM memory is used, how many programs and system stuff is running, etc....

I mean what is the point of having that in a spyware, antivirus, parental control thing?  Disable the TaskMan????  That is so stupid!!!  And they checked it!!!  Never did even my uncle know that the spyware sweeper found this DivX Pro 5.1 (related to Gator/GAIN) on the disk and it said it could not take it out so I went to the sites that said how to do it manual and it said to kill it by bringing up the TaskMan...

I do so but get the message it is disabled by Admin.  So I do everything....and then mom comes back and asks if it found anything and I told her what I saw and that I was going to reboot but I wanted to get back on her side (so I went on my side to cancel out her password) and she was irritated at me because I forgot that I was told to go tell her when it found things and that I was doing all this instead of calling uncle.  So I got in touch with him and that is when we learned about the taskman disable.  We were told not to worry much about it though since the DivX thing is quite a new thing and that it could wait until the next time he comes out.

And now after mom got off the phone with him, she wanted me to go and show her what it was and I was going to show her on the program, now somehow she has grayed out on the little box the anti-spyware thing so I can't get to it...

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