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I'm not sure if I can take it anymore....

I'm not sure if it is part Yahoo (since their server farm move) or the members in my groups or both...especially the ones in the group I made for most of my contacts, but since the server farm move Yahoo had been caught up a few months ago on all the administration stuff and started the Groups system to look for bouncing accounts again...

The thing is, it seems like a few more people are bouncing every few days...especially in my group... most of them are bouncing due to nonexistent addresses, fewer because the addresses in question seem to be suspended because they are full, and even fewer are the "No MX or A" hiccups and now there's no way to get them out of bouncing unless they reply to probes from the groups system.

There's only a few that I know of that read and respond to messages in my Sixdegrees Yahoogroup, and at least two that I have heard read the messages but don't post. The rest have either posted a few times since Dec 2000 and went to lurk or have lurked since founding.

I'm now having a headache every evening because at this rate, I bet ALL of the members, even the ones that usually used to post a month ago, would be bouncing, probably wouldn't respond to any probes, and I'd be the only member in there that wouldn't be bouncing!

I think I just lost my whole contact list and now finally my long overdue era of my overdue connection to a long dead website community is now over....
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